Thursday, 10 December 2009

SMS Political joke

# "The Filipinos are worth dying for." - Ninoy Aquino
# "The Filipinos are worth living for." - Cory Aquino
# "The Filipinos are worth dining for." - Gloria Arroyo

Random Points:

* Gloria said, "God put me here." Amado Macasaet said, "No, Garci did."
* I couldn't agree more with Malaya EIC Amado Macasaet when he opined that the nation lost with GMA's "victory" in 2004.
* Due to lack of shelter security, many Filipinos have to struggle by renting a "kwartito." A kwartito is a mini-room that can only accommodate a bed and a small dining table. I've experienced it myself. It's P800 in 1998 if my memory serves me right.
* "Heavy multitaskers are lousy at multitasking," according to Stanford communications professor Clifford Nass.

Wellness Bandwagon?

* A coffee brand offers a new set of what it calls 'Pro-Health' variants namely Pro-fiber (with Inulin fiber), Pro-power (with ginkgo biloba), Pro-beauty (with collagen) and Pro-slim (with L-carnitine).

* Another more established coffee brand has its own 'Body Partner' selection namely Protect (more antioxidant), Fit (helps in weight management), Relax (with chamomile extract) and Lingzhi (with ganoderma extract).

* An international college in Taguig offers a certificate course in wellness (and yes, believe it or not, pageantry)

* A fastfood chain now serves breakfast oats.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


What do you think is the foremost source
of the Filipino's resilience to crises?

* His spirituality
- Prof. Mariam Tuvera, UP Economics professor

* Relationships, being able to express, humor and food
-Ms. Chat Jemena, University researcher, UP

* The strong family support system and belief in god
- Prof. Roland Simbulan, former UP faculty regent

* There is the archetypal image of the bamboo in the Filipino
unconscious that has become a part of our genetic pool.
This is evident in the presence of the image of the bamboo
in the myths and legends of the people.
-Prof. Grace Odal-Devora, UP arts and communications professor

* The Filipino's bahala na fatalism
-Atty. Ismael Khan, former Supreme Court spokesperson

* Resignation - their getting used to it
-Prof. Evelyn Jimenez, UP Philosophy professor

* It's the bahala na habit kicking in but instead of
a bad effect, it becomes positive
-Mr. Yar Min Thant, Burmese

* Faith in God
-Dr. Ana Maria Tabunda, Pulse Asia Executive Director

* Sense of humor
-Prof. Mary Dorothy Jose, UP History professor

* Prayers
-Prof. Melissa Alcazaren, CSB Psychology professor

* Their bahala na attitude
-Prof. Benjamin Mangubat, UP History professor

* Blind faith (Sorry if that is a bit harsh)
-Mr. Mike Wooton, Manila Times columnist

* A mixture of many things: our strong faith,
lack of too much conveniences in life
makes us easily adapt
-Dr. Angelita Galban, UP Community Dentistry professor

* Sense of humor
-Atty. Christian Monsod, former COMELEC Chairman

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Random Thoughts:

# Great Book Blockade of 2009- Bureau of Custom and Dept. of Finance's joint effort to promote corruption expansionism.
# For Mother's Day: Philippines is 42nd in terms of rank, for countries that are healthy or good for (a) mother's welfare under the least developed countries category. (RP is unsafe for mothers, According to a US study.)
# Self-googling- ego- searching = according to
# Swine-flu-Bird-flu mix- latest epidemic to watch out.

Random Thoughts:

* El Shaddai leader Mike Velarde sold a piece of land to the government at 1,000 times its market value.
* Tinikling= A Filipino folk dance of Leyte origin not of Tagalog origin. Inspired by the farm birds known as Tikling.
* Philippines is part of the CORAL TRIANGLE that holds the "richest concentration" of iridescent corals, fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and marine plants in the world.

* The Phil. Sports Commission together with the newly appointed Ambassador for Peace and Understanding Manny Pacquiao will host a boxing match between the Arm Force of the Philippines and MILF to promote peace!
* CREDIT MUNCH n.- Recession-induced comfort eating; from TIME Magazine

Monday, 25 May 2009

A Nation of Idiots: The Department Order No. 17-09

What exactly does Dept. Order No. 17-09 do?

1st, it makes an appalling distinction between imports classified as "educational, technical, scientific, historical or cultural books/ materials" for non-profit purposes (which can be brought into the country without duties), and the same class of imports that are "for sale, barter or hire" ( which will now be levied a 1-percent duty).

2nd, it makes an avaricious distinction between the class of imported books specified in the paragraph above and all other books imported into the country (which now be levied a 5-percent duty).

3rd, it makes an absurd distinction between all other books and "books or raw materials to be used in book publishing" (which, under the DOF's squint-eyed reading of the Book Publishing Industry Development Act of 1995 or RA 8047, will be the only class of imported books entitled to zero duty).

One of the dynamic innovations of RA 8047 was to expand the coverage of the landmark Florence Agreement, to include all imported books. What Dept. Order 17-09 has done, however, is to greedily narrow the scope of duty-free importation ,not only beyond the innovations of RA 8047 but even beyond the conventions of the International Law, Florence Agreement itself.

Today is the perfect time to throw books on the Government in equal share of their greed and corruption! Crap!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Deng Xiaoping's Famous 28 Characters Towards Change

  1. lengjing guancha- observe and analyze (developments) calmly;
  2. chenzou yingfu- deal (with changes) patiently and confidently;
  3. wenzhu zhenjiao- secure (our own) position;
  4. taoguang yanghui- conceal (our) capabilities and avoid limelight;
  5. shanyu shouzhou- be good at keeping a low profile;
  6. juebu dangtou- never become a leader;
  7. yousou zuowei- strive to make achievements.
This is the secret behind the rise of China today.

taken from the book, The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global Power to the East by Kishore Mahbubani

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Feminism: Definition of Terms

  • "Sa ngalan ng ama, ng INA, at ng espiritu santo..."- FEMINIST THEOLOGY
  • FEMALE CHAUVINISM- very much willing to be objectified by male.
  • Role of Women in Philippine Politics: (a) women as Term Breaker; (b) women as Political Barometer: (c) women as Political Heir
  • POLITICS OF MATONA- as an adoptive open mechanism against sexual harrasment/ abuse/ masculine predatory society.
  • LEARNED HELPLESSNESS- one of the entanglements of prostitution.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Pilipinas: Silip- Sipi

"Like beating a dead horse, the show (Wowowee) must persist to feed on the gullible--and that's a cruel joke."-Editorial, Manila Standard Today, 13 March 2006

"All over the world, corruption is associated with lower levels of spending on education, health care, and other public services." (Investigating Corruption-A Do-It-Yourself Guide, PCIJ (2002)

"There is a bias against entrepreneurship in the Philippines, and that is why we have not moved forward. We were told by our parents to study very hard so that one day we can get a job. And we tell our cildren to study very hard so that they can have a job..."-Senator Manny Villar

"Ang papel ng pera ay hindi na rin simpleng instrumento sa palitan ng mga kalakal. Ang pera ay mismong kalakal na rin. Ibig sabihin, ang pera ay hindi na lamang ginagamit sa pagbili ng mga kalakal para lumikha ng kalakal kundi ginagamit na rin ng labas sa aktwal na paglikha ng kalakal. Kaya nga, ang mga institusyong pampinansya ay nagsisilbi ring tagalikha ng pera mula sa pera."-Maikling Kurso sa Ekonomiya ng Pilipinas, Institute of Political Economy, 2000

"You should not say yes to too many things and overextend yourself."-Bob Garon

"Divisoria's 168 is globalization in action. For all intents, "168" might as well be the code for globalization.-Boo Chanco, Demand and Supply, Philippine Star

"The crisis of leadership at the highest level is like the tip of an iceberg. To cure this social cancer we need a new breed of leaders in our country."-Angel Lagdameo, CBCP

Economic Quotes

“For every author, their notions and their theories are examined as attempts to find answers to the main economic problems of the time.” (A Concise History of Economic Thought, Vaggi and Groenewegen)

“The wisdom of nature has fortunately made ample provisions for remedying many bad effects of the folly and injustices of man.” (Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith)

“The thrifty, industrious capitalist who spots an opportunity in the market for the employment of productive hands is the hero of Smith’s work. In his effort to increase his own wealth, he cannot do other than benefit society in general.” (Economics for Beginners, Caravan)

“Ang lider ay mapagbigay ng kapangyarihan habang namamahagi ng
responsibilidad.” (Ekonomiya,Tao, Mundo at ang Ekonomistang Guro, Tullao)

“With the 1989 thaw in Cold War tensions, capitalism was one of the first aspects of Western Democracy to penetrate the Iron Curtain as McDonald’s brought “burgers and fries” to Moscow.” (Cliff Notes on Heilbroner, Snodgrass)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Random Thoughts: Socialist America

  • nationalized banking mortgage and auto-making industries
  • absence of a robust private sector (or atleast private confidence in business)- economic patriotism
  • applying the system of paternalism (is the interference of a state or an individual with another person, against their will, and justified by a claim that the person interfered with will be better off or protected from harm. The issue of paternalism arises with respect to restrictions by the law such as anti-drug legislation, the compulsory wearing of seatbelts, and in medical contexts by the withholding of relevant information concerning a patient's condition by physicians. At the theoretical level it raises questions of how person's should be treated when they are less than fully rational.)
  • "more centralized, redistributed health care system.."
  • adaptation of European style of statism (describe institutions and political practices in which executive authority gathers increasing levels and varieties of power into its hands.)
  • the use of bail-outs, protectionism (the advocacy, system, or theory of protecting domestic producers by impeding or limiting, as by tariffs or quotas, the importation of foreign goods and services.), bank nationalization and nearly $1 trillion stimulus package in 'trying' to solve the crisis.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Random Points: Shapes of Corruption

  • Corruption in Government often comes in two forms. First involves the appropriation by a government official of public funds or assets for personal use. And second, A bureaucrat facilitating an economic transaction or granting a special favor to a private individual.
  • "Rent- seeking" is the process by which a private individual attempts to bribe a government functionary to obtain concessions or economic advantages.
  • "Cronyism" is the "intimate" relationship to gain concessions from a top official of the government, usually the president.
  • Within government, the groups most likely to be motivated to monitor rent seeking and corruption are the public sector unions.

Pagkaing Kalye sa Pilipinas

Ito ang listahan ng mga pagkaing kalye/ snack/ junkfood ng mga Pilipino


Hinati sa gitna, itinusok sa stick at ibinabad sa garapon na may tubig. Panalo kapag pinagulong sa maanghang na bagoong alamang.


Pinirito, sinangag, inadobo, nilaga, maalat-alat o may maanghang na sangkap. Perpektong papakin na may kasamang inuming may-kulay.


pertilisadong itlog ng pato (17 day old), may kasamang pinakuluang embryo (sisiw).


sariwa, malambot at mala-sulang tofu. hinaluan ng arnibal (pulang asukal) at sago. Walang kasing-sarap sa almusal.


binarbekyung bituka ng baboy o manok, inihaw. Mapapanatili sa sarap kapag isinawsaw sa sukang may dinurog na sili.


nilagang itlog na binalutan ng kulay-kahel na harina at ipinirito. Mas matindi kapag isusubo nang mainit-init pa.

Kultura: Lingua Franca


Ang 'Japorms' ay nagmula sa binaliktad at dinagdagan ng salitang-ugat na 'porma' na tumutukoy sa estilo ng pananamit ng isang tao. Ang taong 'japorms' ay karaniwang nakasuot ng damit na pusturyoso. Ang katagang ito ay madalas marinig sa mga kabataan noong dekada '90. Kung susuriin, ang konsepto ng salitang 'japorms' ay maaring lumitaw mula sa katumbas na mga salitang naka-desente (1920s), naka-pustura (1930s), at spooting (1930s).


Ang 'chorva' ay pinaniniwalaang hinango mula sa Griyegong salita na 'cheorvamus' na nagpapahiwatig ng kawalan ng akmang salita na maaring sabihin. Karaniwan din itong ginagamit bilang filler o panghalili sa mga bagay na hindi tahasang maipahayag ng nagsasalita sa kaniyang kausap. Sa katunayan, ang 'chorva' ay maaring magpakahulugan sa kahit na anong bagay.


Ang salitang 'barkada' ay kumakatawan sa gruypo ng magkakaibigan. Hinango ito sa salitang espanyol na 'barcada' na tumutukoy sa dami ng pasahero na maaaring ilulan ng isang bangka.Hinihinala ng tanyag na manunulat na si Nick Joaquin na mula sa konseptong Malay nag-ugat ang panghihiram sa salitang ito sa halip na 'pandilla' na siyang katumbas ng 'gang' sa wikang espanyol. Ayon pa kay Joaquin, maaring dala ito ng alaala ng nabubuong samahan ng mga pasarehong lulan ng isang bangka sa tuwing maglalakbay noong unang panahon. Kinalaunan, ang salitang 'barkada' ay naging kilala rin sa pinaiksing katawagan na 'berks'.


Ang 'diahe' o 'hadya' ay salitang balbal na nagpapahiwatig ng kahihiyan ng isang tao hingil sa isang bagay, pangyayari o sa kaniyang kapwa. Sa Pilipinas, ang konsepto ng hiya ay isang pagpapahalagang panlipunan. Halimbawa, sa kultura ng mga Pilipino, 'diahe' ang pumunta sa isang salu-salo nang walang bitbit na regalo. Isa it sa mga pag-uugali na nakasanayan ng mga Pilipino sa tuwing magpapaunlak sa isang imbitasyon.


Karaniwang itinuturing ang mga taong kabilang sa mataas na antas ng lipunan na mga 'cono' o 'konyo'. Ayon sa kasaysayan, naunang ginagamit ang salitang 'cono' noong simula ng ika-19 na siglo bilang pantukoy sa mga dayong Espanyol na ninirahan sa mga bansang nasasakupan nila tulad ng ilipinas at Latin Amerika. Sa wikang Espanyol, ang salitang 'cono' ay nababalot sa konsepto ng kalapastanganan bilang tugon sa mga Peninsulares mula noong 1800s hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Maliban sa magagarang amit at kagamitan, ang mga 'cono' sa kasalukuyang panahon ay 'code switching.' Isa sa mga klasikong halimbawa ng pananalitang 'cono' ay ang pahayag na "let's make tusok-tusok the fishballs."


Binuo ng dating miyembro ng bandang Anak Bayan na si Edmond Fortuno ang sumikat na salitang 'jeprox'. Ito ay karaniwang bansag sa mgha lalaking mahahba ang buhok at bihis-rakista noong dekada '70. Hango ito sa pinaikling parirala ng 'Jeepney Rock na tumutukoy sa "rock" at klasikong musika na kalimitang pinakikinggan sa loob ng dyipni na kasagsagan ng "rock craze." Kalinsunod niyon ang pagsikat ng awiting "Laki sa Layaw," ni Mike Hanopol na ipinapalagay na siyang nagbunsod upang higit na makilala ang 'jeprox'. Kinikilala ito na siyang pantukoy sa mga taong laki sa layaw na mas popular sa katawagang 'hippie'. Samantala, may ilan ding nasulat sa internet na nagsasabing hinango ang 'jeprox' mula sa binaliktad na pagbaybay sa salitang Ingles na 'project' na tumutukoy sa proyektong pabahay ng pamahalaan noong 1960s. Ang terminong 'jeprox' sa bagong henerasyon ng mga kabataang ay patuloy pa ring ginagamit hanggang ngayon.


Ang 'ermat' at 'erpat' ay mga salitang balbal na nagmula sa mga binaliktad na katagang 'mader' at 'pater'. Ito ay ginagamit bilang pantukoy sa nanay at tatay. Ang kinagawiang pagbabaliktad ng mga salita ay tatak ng 1930s at 1940s. Tulad din ng mga salitang 'damatan' (matanda) at 'alaw na alaw' (walang-wala). Ang 'ermat' at 'erpat' ay ilan lamang sa mga nabuong salita na nag-ugat sa radikal na pag-iisip ng mga kabataan noong panahong iyon. Noon hanggang ngayon. popular pa ring ginagamit ang mga salitang ganito.


Baduy, cheap, hip-hop, at makaluma. Ilan lamang ito sa mga kilalang termino na katumbas ng salitang 'jologs.' Gayunpaman, nagkakasundo ang mga lingguwista at mananalaysay na nag-ugat sa paggamit sa salitang ito sa mga titik ng kantang OPM noong 1990s ng nagsisimulang mauso ang paggamit ng internet. simula noon, unti-unting nagkaroon ng iba't-ibang kahulugan ang salitang 'jologs' na karaniwang inuugnay bilang panglilibak o panlalait. Ilan sa mga sosyolohista ay naniniwala na nag-ugat ang 'jologs' sa salitang 'diyolog' (dilis + tuyo + itlog), bilang pagkain ng mahihirap.

ang mga impormasyon ay mula sa

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Munting Amerika ni Juan

ni Tumaghoy

Hinangad umaklas sa hirap ng buhay
Kaya't iyong tiniis sa mga mahal ay mawalay
Upang dumako sa kanluran at doo'y buto ay binanat
Nagbabakasakali dasal sa poo'y masibat

Sa dakong iyon na ang tawag ay Amerika
Nasilayang buhay kasaganahan na sandamaka
Sa kalooban at isipa'y 'sing tumbas na nangarap
Nawa'y pamilya'y mabigyan ng buhay Amerika na masarap

Dolyares, bag ng tsokolate, psps at i-pod
Lahat ng naisin at uso'y sa mga kaanak ay napalipad
Ngunit ang mga ito'y di katimbang ng Amerikang kinatatapakan
Kaya't niluhod at kinayod ang pamilyang makapangibang-bayan

Malaking bahay na may apat na maluluwang na silid
Garahe na may kotseng Ford na nakaparada sa may gilid
Bawat anak tiyak mong may kinabukasan na mapipisil
Kaya't di masisi mga kalahi ni jua'y nilisan ang Pinas- lupa ng Ipil

Saturday, 17 January 2009


by Ruben Cuevas

I shall never exchange my fetters for slavish servility.
'Tis better to be chained to the rock than be bound to the service of Zeus.
--Aeschylus, Prometheus Unbound

Mars shall glow tonight,
Artemis is out of sight.
Rust in the twilight sky
Colors a bloodshot eye,
Or shall I say that dust
Sunders the sleep of the just?
Hold fast to the gift of fire!
I am rage! I am wrath! I am ire!
The vulture sits on my rock,
Licks at the chains that mock
Emancipation's breath,
Reeks of death, death, death.
Death shall not unclench me.
I am earth, wind and sea!
Kisses bestow on the brave
That defy the damp of the grave
And strike the chill hand of
Death with the flaming sword of love.
Orion stirs. The vulture
Retreats from the hard, pure
Thrust of the spark that burns,
Unbounds, departs, returns
To pluck out of death's fist
A god who dared to resist.